look a little closer…two of twenty-six

As is so often the case with me, a song is running on an endless loop in my mind as I write this. And it all has to do with the title of the photo – “Look a Little Closer.” It’s coincidence, really. First came the title, then came the song.
You: “What’s the song?!?”
Me: “I’m so glad you asked!”

I suppose I’ll just have to post a link so you can sing along (and, oh, how you’ll hate me for it! *evil laugh*. You especially, Lauri! Because earworm). So here it is for all you 80’s fans: http://goo.gl/5ywOh3

You may be wondering what on earth this song has to do with the photo and why it’s on repeat in my head. Well, It all has to do with this one tiny little line at the beginning: “Hey girl! {insert weird 80’s boinging sounds with obnoxious synth}..Move a little closer…” Remember: I didn’t name this photo for the song. Rather the song came to mind after the naming. And the repeat? That just happens with me and songs.

But I digress, so back to the topic at hand – the photo (not bad 80’s music). The second theme of the year is MACRO.

About the image: The birth of this photo was rather accidental. While at Starbucks enjoying my new favorite -addiction- drink, the Flat White, I took my glasses off and lay them on my notebook. At the same time, I was tapping my chin thoughtfully, contemplating the multitude of ideas I’ve had over the past couple weeks for the theme, and trying to decide which to go with. At a loss for any inspiration, I let out a heavy sigh of exasperation, looked down…and the resulting picture is what I saw!
reading glasses on notebook magnifying text

Theme 02/26 of my Black and White project on Google +. The theme is “Macro”

So what exactly was it that stood out to me? Well, for starters, I don’t have a macro lens, but with my glasses sitting there, everything I saw through them appeared magnified – a little bit “closer”! So I decided to use that to my advantage as a sort of play on the concept of “macro” for the theme.

Not only that, but the quote on the front of my notebook is one I’ve been contemplating since I got the damn thing. In case you don’t recognize it, it says,

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
So there I was, not only looking through my camera through my glasses, but i was also contemplating doing what scares me (a whole lot lately) because of the not-so-hidden message that was being amplified before my very eyes. It was IN MY FACE so to speak. Messages for me everywhere, it seems.
The whole experience around this photo and the theme has been rather odd and a bit profound in a weird sort of way. I don’t know if it makes any sense to anyone else or not, but WOW! for me. I’m learning to embrace and honor my fear and yet take small steps forward, through it. It’s a challenge. But I know my world will bust wide open as I continue along the path.

For processing, I chose to add a fair amount of grain to this photo becuase it reminded me of days gone by. I guess the fonts, the colors of the letters (which, of course you can’t see, but I can! :p), and my dark plastic rim glasses lent themselves to this impression. I couldn’t help but think of a world that existed decades ago. And funny enough, as I was watching the video above, I realized the setting largely takes place in the 40’s! Another fun fact and, like I said, weird! At least to me.
So there you have it! A very long story for a very simple photograph. 😀 And some bad 80’s music. Can’t forget the bad 80’s music….

One thought on “look a little closer…two of twenty-six

  1. 🙂 Sometimes the Universe sends you a message that you just can’t ignore – mostly we brush it off as coincidence, but sometimes it is a little more.
    I like your photo and think it fits with macro extremely well.


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