a photographic odyssey begins…one of twenty-six

I always love the New Year. Like so many the world over, I have such a feeling of hope and renewed energy in all things Life at this time of year.

Rebirth. Renewal. New beginnings. All that schtuff. Oh, isn’t it grand?

This year is not so different from previous years in that regard. However, my goal is to maintain the forward momentum I feel now throughout the year, which is very unlike the past. I have had a long standing passionate love affair with the big P – and I’m not talking that big P (you’re so naughty! Mind your P’s). No, I’m talking about Perfectionism. Procrastination. Pick your poison. They both result in the same outcome, which is a whole lot of nothing.

So this year, photographically speaking, my main goal is to get down to business. I’m pulling up my big girl pants and focusing on mastering the technological wonders I have at my disposal – namely Photoshop and other digital darkroom tools – which I have avoided as a result of aforementioned torrid affair.

But it’s going to take breaking up with my main squeeze once and for all. I’ve always gone back to my beloved, but not this year. Nope. I’m done. I’m choosing to lovingly let go of the toxic relationships I’ve created.

So long, Procrastination. Sayonara, Perfectionism.

Hello, ME!

To get this breakup party started, I am participating in a year long black and white photo project over on Google +. Every two weeks, our fearless leader, Tisha, gives us a new theme to capture – in black and white, of course! Appropriately so, the first theme is new beginnings. And here is the mission:

“For this first theme I want you to think of a new goal you have for yourself photographically in 2015, and portray that in your shot.”

laptop open on desk with lamp, notebook, tea mug, tablet

My quaint little desk, cleared off and ready for some serious editing: laptop, Wacom tablet, notebook and pen, and cup of peppermint tea.

So I took the time to thoroughly clean off my desk, creating the space I need to work on my photography. I have my notebook for notes and ideas, my tablet for editing, my trusty laptop, and most importantly, my catalog of photos. Oh yeah, and a cup of calming tea to help me keep my head on straight as I do this thing. I’m definitely going to need some peace in a mug throughout this process.

Random thought of the day: So many P’s……..

4 thoughts on “a photographic odyssey begins…one of twenty-six

  1. What a {perfect} way to start 2015! I am looking forward to following your {process}.

    {P} S. We all need to rendevouz again soon!


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