central coast of california in photos

In January of this year, one of my oldest/dearest friends and I headed north from L.A. to the Central Coast. Being January, it was quite cold. The wind was blowing the waves backwards and making the water really turbulent. But the ocean life didn’t seem to mind. They were all just kickin’ it, including the surfers. Those guys are nuts! I’ll be headed back north sometime this summer with my step mom and can’t wait to see how different the conditions are.

6 thoughts on “central coast of california in photos

  1. Those seals are so cute – wonderful that they’re just hanging out there!
    The waves in South Africa, on the really windy days, looked like that too. Fabulous photos.


    • Thank you, Claudette! The one of the couple is my most popular photo on 500px.com. People really seem to like that one. Funny enough, I thought it was just kinda meh. But I seem to have the opposite opinion of everyone else on my pictures: the ones I love are the ones people are meh over. The ones I’m meh over are the ones that people love. I should learn and just post the ones I’m not so thrilled with! hahah


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