lyrically inspired – to all the songs i’ve sung before

Note: This week’s Lyrically Inspired brought to you by the letter L, for List, as in this week’s Weekly Challenge.

I imagine that since I have a “Lyrically Inspired” feature, it goes without saying – but I’m gonna say it anyway – that I LOVE music! I just can’t get enough! In fact, I think in music much of the time. Like right now, as I typed the words “I just can’t get enough,” Depeche Mode immediately started playing on the record player in my mind. And yes, it’s a record player. I pre-date CD’s.

So now I’m sitting in my chair, bebopping away as I write. And it makes me feel crazy stupid happy! For good measure, have a listen and be happy along with me: And remember I warned you! I’m a child of the 70’s/80’s…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way (did you listen for reals? Do eeeet!), I want to talk about just how deep my love for music goes (see, there’s another one! Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you THAT video).

I’m going to attempt to list all the concerts I’ve been to in my life. I’m sure there are those who have been to many more than I, but I’m pretty impressed with my list. I’ve definitely been to more shows than anyone I know, except one very long-time friend. It sounds like I’m bragging. Mebbe I am.

It all started in 1987 with my all time favorite musician: Howard Jones. I’ll never forget this one. I think I even have the ticket stub around somewhere still.

The remaining list is in no particular order, nor do remember all of them, dagnabbit! I know at one time, I’d managed to list 38 and I’m a few shy of that. DRAT! taps chin thoughtfully. Now where did they go?

  1. Rolling Stones
  2. Dwight Yoakam
  3. Aerosmith
  4. Tim McGraw
  5. Rush
  6. Sammy Hagar
  7. Dave Matthews Band
  8. The Eagles
  9. Pink Floyd (YES! – best concert of all time)
  10. Garth Brooks
  11. Rod Stewart
  12. Steve Miller Band
  13. Styx
  14. Billy Bob Thornton (worst concert ever on the planet)
  15. Goo Goo Dolls
  16. Bonnie Raitt
  17. The Black Crowes
  18. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  19. Lyle Lovett
  20. Fiona Apple
  21. Trace Adkins
  22. George Strait
  23. Willie Nelson
  24. REO Speedwagon
  25. Switchfoot
  26. Sheryl Crow
  27. Sting
  28. Bob Seger
  29. Blue Oyster Cult
  30. Candlebox
  31. Jimmy Eat World
  32. Credence Clearwater Revival
  33. The Beach Boys

One thing I’m not claming is that I remember being at all these concerts. I may or may not have had A LOT of fun going to shows. I wouldn’t remember. 😉 Cryin’ shame, too, not to remember all these times. Oh well. Such is early adult life. You could say I’ve got a colorful background. Unapologetically so.

Since I’ve emotionally grown up, I’ve slowed way down on going to concerts. They’re just too expensive and I seriously despise crowds now. But I do listen to music almost all the time. I love my Pandora and Google Music and iPod.

Last but not least, here is a partial Concert Bucket List:

  1. P!nk
  2. Fleetwood Mac
  3. Howard Jones – again

I seem to have really grown out of this phase because not many bands really stand out as “must see live” in my mind. I didn’t realize that until just now. I guess I’d rather spend my money on other stuff these days.

Wow. I’ve turned into a grown up! When did THAT happen?

Now your turn: What concerts have you been to? What were the best and worst?


26 thoughts on “lyrically inspired – to all the songs i’ve sung before

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  2. Loving reading your blog Christin!
    The latest concert I went to, in May, was Feist. It was amazing! She is one amazing musician. I love music too and there is rarely a moment when the house is quiet, with no music playing. We buy CDs, then rip them, since the quality of MP3 s is not very good. Steven is also a musician, so music has always been a part of our lives. We met in a pub where he was playing and I was singing.
    If you don’t know Feist you should check her out. Oh! And Ron Sexsmith, too.


  3. Funny, my dad wouldn’t let me go to concerts when all my friends were going – he wanted me to be at least 18 or something. I was sure that when I grew up, I’d go to tons. But that was before i realized how expensive they are, as you say! Now, at 39, I haven’t been to as many as I thought I would. There are definitely other things I spend my money on but every now and then someone comes to town I just have to see. My favourite was 2 years ago: Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian folk legend. My first concert was the Spin Doctors way back in ’93! I’ve also seen Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails (2x), David Bowie, Bob Dyaln, Kanye West, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ziggy Marley, and some amazing international Jazz and Blues stars at our local Jazz and Blues Fests. Now that I see the list, I’m happy I’ve seen so many interesting people!


    • Yeah, your list totally rocks! (no pun intended!!) You have some on there I’d loved to have seen back in the day. It’s crazy how expensive they are. But my boyfriend (who was a very short lived audio engineer) once told me that concerts are the way musicians really make their money. The albums aren’t the bread and butter apparently.


      • Hm, interesting. I guess I always thought the concerts paid for the venue, maybe the travel, but that the albums were how they made their money. Learn something new every day!


  4. Hi Christin, My best concert ever? It’s a tie between ENZSO – that was a collaboration between the NZ Symphony orchestra and Split Enz (punk rock, new wave) and Carole King. The sounds at ENZSO were incredible. For me it was classic kiwi music.

    And I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to hear Carole King live! It was last year. She opened for Barry Gibb, on his farewell tour. I’m not much of a Bee Gees fan. I went because of Carole King, I’ve been a lifelong fan, and she surpassed my highest hopes. What an inspiration!

    You’ve been to an impressive list! Brag away I say – it’s music, music, music!


    • I’ve never heard of ENZSO, but it sounds REALLY interesting, Jillian. I’ll have to see if I can dig anything up online. You’ve got me curious. And as embarassing as this is to admit, I had to go look up Carole King – I know the name, know that I know her music, but could NOT place a single song. I got it now, though. I LOVE her! How lucky you were to see her.


      • If there was one concert I’d travel through time to attend it would be Carole King and James Taylor at the Troubadour. I’ve listened to the album countless times. It was 2010, it’s true their voices don’t have the range they once did – but that’s being picky. What makes it for me, is how relaxed they both seemed. And the audience, especially the audience. Listening to it, it could have been a group of friends at someone’s home, listening and making music together. Yep, I’d time travel for that!


  5. Dare I say the only concerts I have been to were both Kylie Minogue Concerts and I was in heaven! I guess like all other gay men, that’s why I thought I was in heaven – she is after all a gay icon. On the other side of the coin, I don’t really listen to much music now apart, that is, from when I am writing. I find listening to music really helps with my writing. I don’t know why, but it just does.
    Yep, I danced along to “just can’t get enough” and loved hearing it again. That piano bit right at the start makes the hairs on my arms stand on end because I just love it. Thanks for bringing it back to my ears Christin.


    • Hahaha Hugh! That’s too funny. But there really is something about her that’s irresistible, and I’m not a gay man 😉 I know what you mean about listening to music and writing. Then again, I’m always listening so what do I know? Glad you enjoyed my Ode to Depeche Mode (and I just had to sneak in another listen myself!)


  6. I have not been to a single one. Not many get down to Tassie, and it’s just not my thing – all those people, all that noise, all that money.
    Sad to say, I don’t really listen to music much nowadays, don’t know when that stopped, but still have a lot of cds – all on the ipod just don’t plug it in! Weird


    • That is strange, Celeste. We must get you back into listening to your music! Music does the heart and soul good. I agree on the concerts these days. It’s just too much. But, boy, did I LOVE them at one time. Funny enough, just tonight, a good friend invited me to see James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl next Sunday night. Since she’s offered, I will just have to take her up on it. It’s always been a dream to see a show at that venue. I’ll take some phone pics if I end up going and you can go to the show virtually with me. 😀


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